Inventing Anti-war culture
Event series

By namng as doing, the Journal has been hosting a series of conversations, screenings and events creating in language what the next USA antiwar culture.

Functioning with the assumption that though 60% or more of the country is against the war, there is no cohesive vision for what antiwar means. We are aware that culture writ-large has the ability to create situations and attitudes that support radical ideas. As such, we hope to be a part of a part of a movement to invent the groundworks for a peaceful culture.





*******************************Event #1- Panel Discussion***********************
August 5th 2004
Betalevel LA

inventing an anti-war culture Panel Discussion
Tom McKenzie (US Labor Against the War)
Ashley Hunt (Critical Resistance)
Fred Dewey (Beyond Baroque)

Listen to audio recorded at the discussion
Part 1 /Part 2 / Part 3 /Part 4

*******************************Event #2- Jay Babcock Lecture*********************
August 12th 2005
Betalevel LA

Jay Babcock, editor of Arthur Magazine
talked about war, a new baby boom,
sex,drugs, rock and roll and a peace culture.

Listen to audio recorded at the discussion
Part 1 / Part 2 /Part 3 /Part 4 / Part 5

*******************************Event #3- antiwar screening fest********************
August 28 2005

We sat in betalevel's smelly basement watching these movies and drinking cold beers.

Arlington West
(Peter Dudar and Sally Marr, 56 minutes)

(Gregory Greene, 2004, 90 minutes)

Power Of Nightmares
(Adam Curtis, Episodes are 56 minutes, 2004)

*******************************Event #4- Light the Fire ********************
January 22nd 2006

Organized by poet Jen Hofer
Panel participants include Jen Hofer (poet), Douglas Kearney (poet), Shawn McDougal (activist), Amitis Motevalli(visual artist/activist), Manel Saddique (poet) and Jane Sprague (poet/publisher).

event audio coming soon


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