Red States Journal


Project Description.

We have sent out several diaries to act as chain-letters to documents the lives and communities of creative folks and activists to share their thoughts, ideas, reflections about the notion of living on the conservative side of the "Divided States of America.

We intend to publish the Red State Journals in an editioned artbook. We will also display them on-line and as a part of an exhibition.

We asked our diarists to write and reflect upon the following questions:

-What is the truth about your daily life?
-How is it for a someone like you to be living in your town?
-Describe your local scene; where you find community?
-What are the local political and cultural institutions that you find meaningful? Which ones do you distrust? Why?
-Where do you find common ground with your greater community?
-What sort of interactions do you have with more conservative folks?
-How are the relations between you an your neighbors?
-Do you think it’s really all that different from our lives here in Los Angeles?
-What's going on over there that you think those of us in the blue should know about?
-Are there more meaningful color schemes you know besides red and blue?

Contact persons in each red state are responsible for circulating the book within their state and returning it to the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest when their book is filled or when local creative contacts are exhausted.

Idaho Redstate Journal

sample view of the idaho redstate journal

sample view of the idaho redstate journal