Journal of Aesthetics & protest:

Conversations and Theory in
practice. go practice!!!

issue 7

Green is the New Red: An Interview with Journalist Will Potter: by Dara Greenwald
Food Justice Now! by Mark Vallianatos
Two Notes on Art and Class (Composition)
Never Art/work! by Stevphen Shukaitis & Erika Biddle
The Power Class: by Michael Parker
Notes for an Artist Run Credit League: by InCUBATE
Protests Past and Protest Futures:
a conversation with Benj Gerdes, Gavin Grindon and Rodrigo Nunes
The Aaron Burr Society: by Jim Costanzo
Between Art and Anarchism; Horizontalism in New Social Practices: Revolutionary Autonomous Communities and Artists For Social Justice: by Sue Bell Yank
Gathering The Fruit Together:
a conversation on gleaning with Hynden Walch and Asiya Wadud
The Free Store: by Salem Collo-Julin
Clump Camp, Real World and the web 2.0 Social Remix:
a conversation with tobias c. van Veen, Kate Rich and Kayle Brandon.
The Participant: Scenes from Time Banking: by Elana Mann
A Conversation:
Scott Berzofsky(Participation Park Baltimore) & Jennifer Renteria (Starlite Swap Meet LA)
Coop 57; It Is Possible To Undertake Projects Outside The Market: by Amy Franceschini
web Special* Welcome to the Cultural Goodwill Revolution: On Class Composition in the Age of Classless Struggle: by Marc J Leger
web Special* gardens of utopia: by Jennifer Breckner, Robin Hewlett, Mark Tribe
A critical look at issue seven: by our intern Lucy Dinnen