Issue #4- February 2005


Hinting at Ways to Work in Current Contexts, an Interview with Brian Holmes : by Robby Herbst

An Open Letter to Kalle Lasn: by Yael Grauer

Cooing over the Golden Phallus: by Sarah Kanouse

The Baby Haters: by Laurie Pike

No Justice No Peace: A Critique of Current Social Change Politics: By Selina Musuta and
Darby Hickey

Embracing the Gadfly: an interview with KPFK News Director MT Karthic: by Marc Herbst

Think Different: Lessons for the Left From Madison Avenue by Stephen Duncombe

Building a Temporary Autonomous TV Studio: A Conversation with Daniel Tucker and Emily Forman
About Pilot TV: Experimental Media for Feminist Trespass!

Precarity Explained to the Kids (a medley): Cut Pasted and Articulated (somewhat) by Aviv Kruglanski

Time For the Dead to Have A Word With the Living: The AIDS Uncanny: by Ultra-red

Seeing the Disappeared : by Chitra Ganesh

Physiognomy of the Oppressed : by David Murphy

The Flip Side to the Commodification of Revolution: A Critique of the Activist Scene :
by Nato Thompson

Temporary Public Spaces : by Ashley Hunt

Art and Occupation: an interview with Susan Greene: by Josh On

New Solidarities, After Ideology and Culture There is Hisotry : by Dan S. Wang

Anti-War Politics After the Public Sphere : by Craig Willse

On Quasi-Cinema and Hand Grenades: By Mariana Botey with Cara Baldwin

Building a Future Here and Now: By Chris Carlson

Towards and Embodied Home in a Climate of Global Alienation: London, Amsterdam & Los Angeles
By Doran George and Sarah Payton with Lauren Hartman

What Happened on November 2nd 2004?
Compiled by Gregory Laynor

Reenacting Stonewall, Jackson that Is
: By Matt Wolf and Alison Smith

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