Since 2000, the editorial collective has been hosting dialogs and framing dialogical relationships which embed the protocols of exchange in liberatory practice. Words find action in dialog. Dialog finds meaning in action.

Many events listed below involve other collectives and participants in addition to the Journal. But as Critical Discourse is central to our practice, we feel it important to include some of these projects on the website.

Dispatches from Occupy Wall Street

We attempted to coordinate a team of engaged activist researchers from with-in #Occupied
to look into how, and to better facilitate the popular education occuring within the

See the research page here.

UC Strikes and Beyond

Febuary 28th- March 4 2010
A broadly dollective week of events around issues relating to the ongoing UC Crisis

Organizers include Cara Baldwin, Solomon Bothwell, Micha Cardenas/Adzel Slade, Zen Dochterman, Sean Dockray, Ben Ehrenreich, Ken Ehrlich, Liz Glynn, Marc Herbst, Robby Herbst, Elle Mehrmand,
Marko Peljhan, Kenneth Rogers, Jason Smith, Cybelle Tondu, Christina Ulke, Caleb Waldorf, Michael Wilson and Kim Yasuda.

Event Poster Design by Steve Anderson.

The University of California had become an open site for conflict around neo-liberalism. Members of the Journal Editorial Collective (past and present) and our wider community have been involved in the struggle on campus. After proposing a class at the LA Public School around the strikes while concurrently dialoging with independent scholar Brian Holmes, the Journal colaborated in organizing a week of dialogs and and actions throughout California. These events were in relationship to the crisis, neoliberalism and ongoing privatization.

There were several events that editorial collective members did not organize at all. We directly co-organzied with a broader collective the umbrella organization and the 2 day conference built off of Brian Holmes/16 Beaver's Continental Drift. Our drift was entitled:Control Society/Metamorphosis.

Ongoing project continues at Occupy
More on the LA Continental Drift Control Society/Metamorphosis


Art Work

Contribution to Temporary Services Art Work Project



Emotionality of Collectivities and Social Change in Collaboration

Dialog for Performing Economies Exhibition
Curated by Elana Mann
May 14 - July 26, 2009

Matias shares some drama
The JOAAP Editorial Collective organized and facilitated a conversation about the feelings that come up when people work together. We invited collaborative members from the Echo Park Time Bank, and Fallen Fruit. The event was hosted at the Public School.

With strict moderation, speakers were guided to delve as deeply as possible into the emotional intricacies of collective work.

Notes were taken to document the event.


Journal Residency at the LA Public School

December 2008-June 2009

The Journal editors were board members of the LA Public School for 6 months, in the terms of the Public School, this was a "residency" :)

While there, we focused on furthering the Schools ideals of openning up institutional structures and politicizing the school's pedagogical routines.

Ceci n' est pas CAA flyer designed by and printed on the public school mimeograph

One project we co-organized with the School was Ceci n'es pas une CAA (link), an alternative to the College Art Association (CAA) that was meeting in downtown Los Angeles that week. Unlike the official CAA, our networking meeting cost nothing and had central to its structure the possibility for extended dialog and exchange.


In the Middle of The Whirlwind

Edited by Team Colors Militant Research Collective

Read the Online Book Here

Order the re-edited book published by AK-Press (released 2010)

Poster Designed by Josh McPhee (click on image to expand)

The Journal collaborated with Team Colors to release this project to begin a dialogue around effictive movement composition during the protests occuring during the 2008 Presidential season.
For the 2010 AK Press book, we wrote a forward fo Team Color's book.


Street Signs and Solar Ovens

October to December 2006
Craft and Folk Art Museum

Curatorial Project

In response to the environmental, political, and social questions of our time, the Street Signs exhibition offered an insight into how Southern California individuals and communities creatively take action to defy the notion that a socially conscious lifestyle is out of reach. The resulting creations are expressions of both function and artistry that offer inspiration for proactive living.

Click here for more info Street Signs and Solar Ovens


Inventing Antiwar Culture Series

August 2004 to January 2006

poster by Steve Anderson

By namng as doing, the Journal has been hosting a series of conversations, screenings and events creating in language what the next USA antiwar culture.

Functioning with the assumption that though 60% or more of the country is against the war, there is no cohesive vision for what antiwar means. We are aware that culture writ-large has the ability to create situations and attitudes that support radical ideas. As such, we hope to be a part of a part of a movement to invent the groundworks for a peaceful culture.

Click for the Inventing Anti-War series page

Echo Park Social(ist) Club

Thursday Night 2006- 2007
Little Joy, Echo Park

Journal Bar Night at Little Joy in Echo PArk in collaboration with Arthur Magazine and the LA Record.




There is a lot more, some of it documented, much of it not.

Favorite memories include doing a performance workshop at an antiwar encampment at around midnite in downtown La, hosting scads of screenings in betalevel/c-level and doing weird reading/performances at the California Biennial.