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Black Mask on their way to lincoln center





PAD/D project

Gustav Metzger

Gustav Metzger

Stewart Home

Stewart Home

"The importance of the Art Strike lies not in its feasibility but the possibilities it opens up for intensifying the class war. The Art Strike addresses a series of issues; most importantly among these is the fact that the socially imposed hierarchy of the arts can be actively and aggressively challenged."xl

Belfast Styled

SPART Action Group, Alytus Art Strike Biennial


The Art Strike Biennial extends that critique to the museum and the biennial, even to the city itself. Responding to Djordevic, Marina Gržinic suggests that the recuperation of Duchamp's work by the art market is proof that "the content of a readymade is not the concrete object, but its context - i.e., the art gallery or museum... and therefore, the object of the readymade is the gallery system in itself."xlix In this way even it's critique is a readymade, it's language, gestures and irresolution as much a prefabricated situation as the biennial culture it is attempting to refuse. It is here where the Art Strike as a form of "institutional critique" inhabits Andrea Fraser's diagnosis of the tactic's inevitable recuperation, "the insistence of institutional critique on the inescapability of institutional determination," a recognition that the heritage of the avant-garde is not the eradication of the institution of art but of its limits. To Strike against the institution is to strike against ourselves "because the institution of art is internalized, embodied, and performed by individuals, these are the questions that institutional critique demands we ask, above all, of ourselves."l

Art Strike

Art Strike 1990-1993

"The reflex of refusing any present that doesn't come with the guarantee of a reassuring future is the very mechanism of the slavery we are caught in and that we must break. To produce the present is not to produce the future."lviii

Claire Fontaine

Claire Fontaine



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