Rubric Questionaire with Antonio

Barbara Adams
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Excerpt from a discussion with Antonio (organizer):

What is learned through the sharing and the opposition of ideas?

What are the limits to learning? To critical approaches, generally?

What points are generally shared? What are the points of contention?

Has there been effective analysis of those themes (the differences, shared elements, contradictions, and so forth)?

What are the thought blocks that you have experienced?

And what have you done to overcome these obstacles?

What are the protocols/values/ethics that organize your participation? Other people's? If more than one model, how is this being reconciled?

How are different groups with different interests coming together/collaborating? Or how are they divided?

What would you say you've learned?

Do you think the occupation follows a script for resistance that's been handed down, or is the occupation reworking this script via improvisation, negotiation, and so forth? Are new ways of communicating, of being together, etc. being forged?