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   No other place than now

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issue 8, winter 2011
grassroots modernism







Issue 8 editorial - Editorial

Marc James Léger - Join a Political Group

Marco Cuevas-Hewitt - Towards a Futurology of the Present
   Notes on Writing, Movement, and Time

Meg Wade - Grassroots Modernism as Autonomous Ethos and Practice

Jaleh Mansoor - Poetics, Commitment
   Ayreen Anastas’s M*Bethlehem and Pasolini Pa Palestine

Mattias Regan - Playing (with) the Impossible
   Modernism's Populist Poetics

Victor Tupitsyn - Socialist Modernism and Beyond

Ron Sakolsky - The Surrealist Adventure and the Poetry of Direct Action
   Passionate Encounters Between the Chicago Surrealist Group,
   the Wobblies and Earth First!

Gabriel Mindel Salomon - The Subjective Object
   Or Harry Hay in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
   (originally published in the Journal of Radical Shimming)

Ian Milliss - Losing My Self
   Some anecdotes about anonymity

Gavin Grindon - Surrealism, Dada and the Refusal of Work
   Autonomy, Activism and Social Participation in The Radical Avant Garde
   (originally published in the Oxford Art Journal). Note: Link opens to PDF

Olive McKeon - Oh What A Mess I've Made
   On Aesthetics and Political Praxis

Sue Bell Yank - Re-casting Institutional Memory
   The Slow Breakdown of the Art/Politics Divide

Survival Kit Collective - Survival Kit Collective
   Arcosantian economics, Biospherian aesthetics: a kit for grassroots ecological projects

Protest and Stagnation - Self-generated Discourse in the Context of the
   Austrian Student protests of 2009/2010

Khristopher Flack - Anywhere is Everywhere
   Recaliming Community through production in the Rural Northeast

Tim Jensen - On the Emotional Terrain of Neoliberalism
   The opposite of despair is not hope, the opposite of depression is not happiness

Libertad Guerra - Uncommon Commonalities
   Aesthetic Politics of Place in the South Bronx

Luis Guerra - The Bomb Case
   An Uncelebratory Task

Christopher Lee - Frontlining Currency
   Speculative Numismatics” as Antagonistic Graphic Design

Public Laboratory - DIY mapping, Popular Participation
   Ecological and political monitoring in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond

Ultra Red - Andante Politics
   Popular Education in the Organizing of Unión de Vecinos